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  • March 2009




    DESIGNER: ice angel

    Brushes: Fractured-Sanity.Org
    Model: Xiao Lan

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Notice: This shop has closed ^^ My friend has set up a new shop overseas at, will be as reliable as mine, please check it out, thanks ^^

    BATCH FIFTEEN IS CLOSED!! This blogshop is closed after this batch is settled ^^
    Batch 15 Update(April 6 2009): Bad news. The lenses were supposed to reach me this morning via EMS. However, as you can see, by tracking number EC101666084KR on's track and trace, Singapore Customs has 'held' the entire crate.
    Email me for details, my automated vacation reply will have more details.

    Will keep you guys up to date on any progress regarding this ;_;

    Orders: Over 100/100
    Paid Orders: 100


    I am introducing a cute and unique lens case imported from japan to be given away free with every 2 pairs of lenses purchased.
    Up to a maximum of 3 lens cases per person~ Color will be subject to availability of stock ^^

    Update: Batch 15): Blue/Purple/Green/White/Orange/Cherry/Red cases available!


    Buyers who participate in this batch 15 will get a chance to win an extra pair of lenses free of charge.

    How this works:

    5 pairs of free lenses up for grabs for this spree.

    Each pair of lenses purchased entitles you to 1 'ticket'

    -> The more you buy, the higher chance of getting an extra pair of lenses.

    -> No maximum, i'm not limiting to 1 pair of free lense/customer, if you order 5 or more and you are lucky, you may win ALL 5 pairs of free lenses.

    -> Free Lenses' Winners will be announced after batch 14 is over, and they will be allowed to pick a free pair. That comes together with batch 15(unless you don't reply :P).

    - She's Done With Her Words...# ;